SDSU Faculty Profile - Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce - Short biosketch


In the Visualab

Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce  is an expert in the field of water engineering, including hydraulic, hydrologic, and water resources engineering, with 52 years (1968-2019) of experience in engineering education, research, consulting, and service.

His areas of expertise are: computational hydraulics and hydrology, surface-water hydrology, environmental hydrology, groundwater hydrology, ecohydrology, hydroclimatology, and sedimentation engineering. Specific areas of current interest are: online engineering, sustainability of groundwater resources, flood hydrology, open-channel hydraulics, ecohydroclimatology, salinity management, and hydrologic and environmental impact of water development projects.

Dr. Ponce has 49 years of experience as a university professor, including 39 years in California and 4 years in Colorado. He is the author of more than 1800 professional growth items, including 5 books (Engineering Hydrology, Principles and Practices, Prentice Hall, 1989), (Engineering Hydrology, Principles and Practices, online 2014), (Fundamentals of Open-channel Hydraulics, online 2014), (Fundamentos de la Hidráulica de Canales, online 2015), Fortran textbook, online 2014); 52 refereed journal papers, 96 proceedings papers, 309 technical reports and other publications, 63 research grants, 19 honors and awards, 380 online computer programs, 254 legacy tales, 214 invited lectures, and 443 online videos. He is an active lecturer, researcher and consultant in his field, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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