In January 2010, I visited Carampoma, a small town tucked away up in the Andes highlands, about 95 km east of Lima, Peru. The purpose was to film the remnants of a pre-Inca archaeological site, dating back to the XV century, including two dams/reservoirs going back to those times. This led to the video Ingeniería Hidráulica en Japaní (Hydraulic Engineering in Japani).

After filming the video, my companions and I sat in the town's plaza for a well deserved rest. A few minutes later, a local man, who appeared to be in his 70s, approached me intently and asked:

--- "Sir, are you from the capital city?

Caught by surprise, and not knowing what else to respond, I said: "Yes."

The man proceeded to say:

--- "All our young people are going to the capital city to work there as laborers and drivers. When I die: Who is going to grow the potatoes?

Several potato patches near Carampoma.

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