The Rock Forest of Huayllay is located in the district of Huayllay, province of Pasco, departament of Pasco, in central Peru. It is located in the high plain (meseta) of Bombón, in the high Andes range.

The surface area of the district is 607 km2 (234 square miles). The climate is cold and dry, with temperatures that vary between 13.8oC and -8oC (59oF and 18oF) . The population is 8,797, with 65% residing in rural areas.

The main tourist attraction is the Rock Forest of Huayllay, with a surface of 6,815 hectares (16,840 acres) and at an altitude of 4,300 m (14,108 ft) above mean sea level, considered to be the largest and highest of its kind in the world. The Forest has eleven (11) tourist circuits. The forest has been designated as the "National Sanctuary of Huayllay" and the "Zone of National Tourist Interest." It is variously described as the Rock Garden of the Andes, the Tourist Marvel of Peru, and the Fabulous and Enchanted Rock Citadel of Huayllay.

The geologic formation goes back to the Tertiary or Cenozoic Age, with close to 70 million years of age. There is a variety of wild flora with diverse medicinal properties, and fauna such as mammals, birds, and fish. There are also has thermal waters, streams, caves with prehistoric paintings, ranches, and other attractions.

The Rock Forest is located along the route Lima-La Oroya-Cerro de Pasco. The detour to Huayllay is located approximately 100 km from La Oroya (and 265 km from Lima) along the route to Cerro de Pasco. The road to Huayllay is 37 km long and it is fully paved.

Dalia Roque Agustín, experienced Huayllay guide, can be contacted at the following phone number, in Huayllay, Pasco, Peru:  (51) 63-793491.