Fig. 30  Map of the Valle de San Rafael, dating back to 1864, showing a large "cienaga" (A), a long "sierrita" (B) (Cerro Portezuelo), and the Ojos Negros "cienagas" (C) to the southwestern edge of the valley. Groves of "alamos" (Populus fremontii) are shown to the north (D) and east (E). Both groves follow Arroyo El Barbon. A "Mesquital" (Prosopis glandulosa) (F) is shown on the east end of Cerro Portezuelo. An "arroyo cienegoso" (G), a mixture of marshes and Populus fremontii, is shown to the north of the primary cienaga (A) (Zárate Archives, Ensenada, Baja California) (Minnich and Franco, 1998).