Budyko's hydroclimatological model  

Budyko's hydroclimatological model
of a coupled land surface-atmosphere system
(Ponce, Lohani and Huston, 1997)

A = water vapor advected into the control volume

E = evaporation from the land surface

Q = runoff to ocean, including surface and ground water

C = water vapor returned to the ocean

C' = water vapor in transit, at leeward side of control volume

C" = water vapor discharge, at leeward side of control volume

Pa = fraction of precipitation derived externally (advected moisture)

Pe = fraction of precipitation derived internally (evaporated moisture)

Eg = evaporation from bare ground

Ev = evaporation from vegetated surfaces

Ew = evaporation from water bodies

Qs = surface runoff

Qg = groundwater runoff

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