V.M. Ponce

Victor Miguel Ponce, M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1976 Civil, is completing 30 years on the faculty of civil and environmental engineering at San Diego State University, California (1980-2010). Ponce is a hydrologic engineer with more than forty years of experience in teaching, research, consulting, and service. He has written two textbooks, 49 journal publications, and more than 500 other publications, including proceedings papers, technical reports, web reports, web scripts, and professional stories. His website (http://ponce.sdsu.edu) is among the most extensive in U.S. academia, with more than 10,000 links. He has authored more than 100 online scripts for hydraulic and hydrologic engineering computations (http://onlinecalc.sdsu.edu). At SDSU, Ponce's Visualab is currently leading the development of webvideos for academic applications (http://all.sdsu.edu). Ponce is a recognized national and international consultant, having completed projects in California, Arizona, Florida, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, India and Pakistan, among others.