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  • A tag is opened by enclosing its name within angle brackets (< example >).
  • A tag is closed by preceding its name with a forward slash (/) and enclosing all within angle brackets (< /example >).
  • In general, the tags should be opened and closed, with some exceptions.
  • Upper or lower case is accepted (no mixing within tag); except as noted below in italics.
  • Tags are embedded among them (< TR >< TD > ... ... ... < /TD >< /TR >)
  • A tag may have one or more attributes (listed on the right column).
  • Attributes may or may not be enclosed within double quotes (Ex: WIDTH=80% or WIDTH="80%" are both valid; WIDTH=80%" is not valid).

A Access to link. HREF NAME TARGET
B Bolds text. ---
BLOCKQUOTE Selects paragraph to indent. ---
BODY Specifies characteristics of HTML body code. BACKGROUND TEXT BGCOLOR LINK VLINK ALINK
BR Carriage return; no need to close this tag. ---
CENTER Centers text or image. ---
DIV Specifies divided block of body (text). CLASS ID (Use only one attribute per div tag).
DL Definition list. ---
DT Definition term. --
DD Definition description. --
EM Bolds text. ---
FONT Specifies characteristics of text. SIZE COLOR FACE
H1 (to H7) Level headings. ID
HEAD Specifies characteristics of HTML head code. ---
HR Horizontal ruler (line). SIZE WIDTH COLOR
HTML Opens and closes HTML code. ---
I Italices text. ---
IMG Refers to image. SRC HEIGHT WIDTH
LI Lists item of ordered/unordered list. ---
META Metatag to be identified by web search engines. NAME CONTENT
NOBR Delimits text that will not be broken with carriage return. ---
OL Opens ordered list (numbered). ---
P Encloses paragraph. CLASS ALIGN ID
PRE Uses PREformatted text. ---
STRONG Bolds text. ---
SUB Specifies a subscript. ---
SUP Specifies a superscript. ---
TD Specifies data in table row (table data). WIDTH HEIGHT BGCOLOR ALIGN VALIGN ROWSPAN COLSPAN
TH Specifies data in table heading. WIDTH HEIGHT BGCOLOR ALIGN
TITLE States title of webpage, for reference by search engines. ---
TR Specifies table row. BGCOLOR
U Underline. ---
UL Opens unordered list (bullets). TYPE
! Text comment follows ! within tag. ---
# Names id attribute in DIV tag and specifies its rules (position, location) (CSS). ---
nbsp Preceded by ampersand (&) and followed by semicolon (;) provides one blank space (accepts lower case only). ---
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