Manning's n Pictorial - Page 1 (USGS Water Supply Paper No. 1849)

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n= 0.024n= 0.024n= 0.026n= 0.026 n= 0.027n= 0.027n= 0.028n= 0.028 n= 0.030n= 0.030
n= 0.030n= 0.030n= 0.030n= 0.030 n= 0.030n= 0.030n= 0.031n= 0.031 n= 0.032n= 0.032
n= 0.032n= 0.032n= 0.032n= 0.032 n= 0.033n= 0.033n= 0.033n= 0.033 n= 0.035n= 0.035
n= 0.036n= 0.036n= 0.036n= 0.036 n= 0.037n= 0.037n= 0.037n= 0.037 n= 0.038n= 0.038
n= 0.038n= 0.038n= 0.039n= 0.039 n= 0.041n= 0.041n= 0.041n= 0.041 n= 0.042n= 0.042

Victor M. Ponce, Ampar V. Shetty, and Sezar Ercan
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