online_pump_pipe_system:  Operating discharge and head in a pump-pipe system

Definition sketch of a pump-pipe system
System head-discharge relation:
hp = a + bQ2
 Pump head-discharge relation:
H = c - dQ2

INPUT DATA: [How to use] [Table of loss coefficients]


Pipe diameter D :    
Pipe length L :    

 Friction factor f :    

Elevation E1 :    


Elevation E2 :    

 Entrance loss coefficient Ke :    
   [Leave blank to set default Ke = 0.5]
 Exit loss coefficient KE :    
   [Leave blank to set default KE = 1]
 Sum of bend loss coefficient(s) [zero or more bends] Kb :    

Select type of pump head-discharge relation H vs Q:    

If type (of H vs Q) = 1, enter c and d  in   H = c - dQ2:

c :    


d :    


Else, if type (of H vs Q) = 2, enter N and H and Q arrays below:

Number of N  values in pump head-discharge relation H vs Q :    


N  paired values of H and Q (separate each value with a comma; string length
75 characters, maximum 150).

H :    

Q :    


The system operating point is at the intersection of system and pump head-discharge relations.
Type of head-discharge relation: 0

Operating discharge:

Q =  0  

Operating head:

h =  0  

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