Dr. VICTOR MIGUEL PONCE has been on the civil engineering faculty at San Diego State University, California, since 1980. His areas of expertise are hydraulics, hydrology, and water resources. He is the author of Engineering Hydrology: Principles and Practices (Prentice Hall, 1989; second edition online, 2014), and Fundamentals of Open-channel Hydraulics (published online, 2014). Since 1977, Professor Ponce has published numerous papers in the hydraulic and hydrologic engineering literature. He is the recipient of the 1979 ASCE Karl E. Hilgard Hydraulics Prize. Since 1999, Professor Ponce has actively supported the development of ponce.sdsu.edu. His Visualab is a world-class facility for online teaching, research, and education, featuring 381 free online calculators and 600 online videos.