Faculty Profile - Victor M. Ponce - Project photos


Clearing of natural vegetation in the backlands of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Landscape erosion in the Pirai river basin, Bolivia (1989).

Highly dissected hill in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico (1999).

Accelerated erosion in Santa Cruz Tayata, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Colluvial cone near Chavin, Ancash, Peru (2003).

Gully developed during 1992 flood in Sierra Juarez, Baja California (2002).

Incised gully at Dotta Canyon, in the Feather river watershed, Northern California (1989).

Camp Creek, near Prineville, Oregon, developed due to overgrazing of the meadow (1989).

Bank erosion on the Apa river, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay (1992).

Bank erosion on the banks of the Apa river, Brazil (1992).

The Tecate river at Tecate, Baja California, Mexico (km 5+600).

The Suchiate river, along the border between Mexico and Guatemala, after flood of December 2005.

Arroyo Los Laureles, Tijuana, Baja California, after the flood of January 1993.

Washed out Indian Trail Road crossing on the Mohave river, Helendale, California (1995).

A large human-induced gully near Tarija, Bolivia (1996).

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