Ingeniería Hidráulica en Japaní

Lima, Perú

Hydraulic Engineering in Japani

Good morning,

We are in the ancient

community of Japani

in the province of Huarochiri,

department of Lima.

It has been dated

to more than 500 years,

at about the time

of the Spanish Conquest.

We are standing

in the Main Plaza

of the community of Japani

you can see that

it is a large plaza

where the inhabitants of the time

got together to decide

the destiny

of the community.

Here you can see

where the Chief would sit.

At this time I am going

to sit in the place

of the chief of Japani

You can observe

the size of this Inca settlement

probably, we could say,


It is estimated

that in these surroundings

there is about 200 buildings.

This watershed drains to

a river which is below here,

which is tributary

of the Santa Eulalia river,

itself a tributary

of the Rimac river.

We are now inside one of

the houses of Japani

as you can see

the houses are

up to two stories.

I think we could say

without exaggeration

that we are in the

Machu Picchu

of the province of Huarochiri,

department of Lima,


As you can see

this community

was dedicated to


primarily by building terraces

in this area

of the Western Andes

which is so rugged.

Here we can see,

in perspective,

the reservoir of Japani,

which the ancient inhabitants

of this region

built for the purpose

of storing water

to irrigate

the lower lands.