Welcome to Karajia.

We are in the town of Cruzpata,

which is in the Trita district

of the Luya province

in the Amazonas region of Peru.

This is the beginning of the road

that takes us to Karajia.

There is a distance of 1 km

from here to the sarcofagi.

We are on the road

that takes us to the sarcofagi.

I am here with Carmencita,

our local guide.

Now, please join us on this trek.

I am Carmen Yalta Vela,

from Cruzpata,

Karajia guide.

I study in Chocta.

I am 15 years old.

We are about half-way

on the road to Karajia.

As you can see,

the road is a little rough.

We have to keep our spirits up,

because at the end

we are going to see

something amazing.

We continue to walk

on the narrow path,

As you can see,

a surprising and marvelous site.

We are near the rest spot,

on the way to Karajia.

We are about 150 meters

from the sarcofagi.

This is the entrance to Karajia,

and this is the sign.

We are here.

Finally, after walking 1 km,

we have arrived

at the Karajia sarcofagi.

The sarcofagi of Karajia

are the tombs of the elite rulers

of the Chachapoyas culture,

which dates back to 1200 to 1500 AD.

These sarcofagi were discovered

by the Peruvian archaeologist

Federico Kauffmann Doig.

One of these sarcofagi

appears on the back

of the new Peruvian Sol coin.