How to create a Google Earth video

by Jana Da Silva [200302 08:30]

On the terminal, type the following:

  • Open Google Earth.

  • Zoom in to the chosen place.

  • Make sure that what is showing is how you want the video to end.

  • On the top of the Google Earth window, look for the yellow placemark icon. Click on it, place it on the right spot in the map, and name it properly.

  • Zoom out until the globe occupies the center of the screen.

  • Click on the Q icon in the iMac dock to open QuickTime.

  • On the top bar of the QuickTime application, click on File, and then on New Screen Recording.

  • A new (gray) dock will appear on the bottom of the iMac screen. In this dock, select the fourth screen (Record the entire screen), and then move right to click Record.

  • Back in Google Earth, double click in the current placemark in My Places.

  • Wait 5 seconds after Google Earth stop and click in QuickTime record icon (black circle with a gray square) on the right top of the iMac screen to stop the recording.

  • A preview of the recording will appear automatically. Examine it and then close it.

  • Go to the Desktop and look for Screen Recording today's date.

  • Rename it.

  • Move it to the destination folder.