Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce - Online open channel hydraulics computations


Created by V. M. Ponce

4701.   Normal depth in a prismatic channel   

4702.   Critical depth in a prismatic channel   

4703.   Discharge in a circular culvert   

4704.   Critical slope in a prismatic channel   

4705.   Normal and critical depth in a prismatic channel   

4711.   Sequent depth of a hydraulic jump   

4712.   Energy loss in a hydraulic jump   

4713.   Discharge under a sluice gate   

4714.   Discharge over a broad-crested weir   

4715.   Discharge in a prismatic channel using the Manning equation   

4716.   Initial and sequent depths in a hydraulic jump   

4717.   Critical flow in width constriction   

4718.   Efficiency of the hydraulic jump   



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