onlinechannel05.php:   Normal and critical depth in a prismatic channel

Definition sketch for a prismatic channel
Normal depth formulas

A = y(b + zy)
P = b + 2y(1 + z2)1/2
T = b + 2zy
R = A/P
D = A/T
Q = (k/n) AR2/3S1/2
V = Q/A
F = V/(gD)1/2
    Critical depth formulas

F2 = (Q2T)/(gA3)
F = 1
(Q2/g)T - A3 = 0
A = y(b + zy)
T = b + 2zy
V = Q/A
D= A/T



Flow discharge Q:        

Bottom width b:        

Side slope z:      

Bottom slope S:      

Manning's n:      

(normal depth):

Units selected:   

Gravitational acceleration g:   

Units constant k:    0

Flow area An:    0

Wetted perimeter Pn:    0

Top width Tn:    0

Hydraulic radius Rn:    0

Hydraulic depth Dn:    0

(normal depth):

Depth yn:    0

Velocity Vn:    0

Froude number Fn:    0

(critical depth):

Units selected:   

Gravitational acceleration g:   

Flow area Ac:    0

Wetted perimeter Pc:    0

Top width Tc:    0

Hydraulic radius Rc:    0

Hydraulic depth Dc:    0

(critical depth):

Depth yc:    0

Velocity Vc:    0

Froude number Fc:    0


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