SDSU Faculty Profile - Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce - Three issues of sustainable management in the Ojos Negros valley, Baja California, Mexico


  1. 25001. Project summary

  2. 25002. Project team

  3. 25003. Project description   (Password required)

  4. 25004. DTM data   (Password required)

  5. 25005. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable en los Ríos Santa Catarina y La Silla,
    Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
  1. 25006. Location of Boreholes in Arroyo Alamar

  2. 25007. Grainsize Analysis of Soil Samples in Arroyo Alamar

  3. 25008. Análisis granulométrico de muestras de suelo del Arroyo Alamar

  4. 25009. HEC-RAS Analysis   (Password required)

  5. 25010. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable en el Arroyo Alamar, Tijuana, Baja California, México
  1. 25011. Sustainable River Architecture: Design View

  2. 25012. Sustainable River Architecture: Mobile Design

  3. 25013. Sustainable River Architecture: Perspectives

  4. 25014. Sustainable River Architecture: Virtual Camera

  5. 25015. Sustainable River Architecture: Movies
  1. 25016. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable: Vista del Diseño

  2. 25017. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable: Diseño Móvil

  3. 25018. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable: Perspectivas

  4. 25019. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable: Cámara Virtual

  5. 25020. Arquitectura Fluvial Sustentable: Películas
  1. 25021. Final Report

  2. 25022. Reporte Final

  3. 25023. Proyecto Alamar

An architectural rendering of proposed recreational park in the Arroyo Alamar

An architectural rendering of proposed recreational park in the Arroyo Alamar.

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