onlinepipe02.php:   Calculation of discharge in pipes connecting three reservoirs [Description]


AAD = (&pi/4) DAD2 ; ABD = (&pi/4) DBD2 ; ADC = (&pi/4) DDC2

zA = zD + pD/γ + fAD (LAD/DAD) VAD2/(2g)

zB = zD + pD/γ + fBD (LBD/DBD) VBD2/(2g)

zD + pD/γ = fDC (LDC/DDC) VDC2/(2g)



SI units: z and D in m; U.S. Customary units: z and D in ft.

♦ This program calculates discharges Q in three pipes connected to three reservoirs A, B, and C.

♦ The reservoirs are connected to a central point D at elevation zD.

♦ The program uses the energy equation in the three pipes, and the continuity equation in junction D.

♦ A trial-and-error algorithm satisfies continuity at junction D.

♦ The discharges calculated are: QAD, QBD, and QDC.

♦ The directions are those indicated in the figure.

♦ Minor head losses are neglected.

♦ If input zA elevation results in QAD negative, an error message (Error message 15) is printed and the calculation stops.

♦ Any input value left blank (or zero) will trigger a fatal error message.

♦ The program can handle either SI (metric) or U.S. Customary units.

♦ Discharge output is in m3/s and L/s (SI units); or cfs and gpm (U.S. Customary units).

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