variable  onlinepipe02.php:   Calculation of discharge in pipes connecting three reservoirs [Example]



AAD = (&pi/4) DAD2 ; ABD = (&pi/4) DBD2 ; ADC = (&pi/4) DDC2

zA = zD + pD/γ + fAD (LAD/DAD) VAD2/(2g)

zB = zD + pD/γ + fBD (LBD/DBD) VBD2/(2g)

zD + pD/γ = fDC (LDC/DDC) VDC2/(2g)



SI units: z and D in m; U.S. Customary units: z and D in ft.

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Elevation zA:         30

Elevation zB:         45

Elevation zD:         3

Diameter DAD:         0.2

Length LAD:        1200

Friction factor fAD:      0.02

Diameter DBD:         0.25

Length LBD:        3000

Friction factor fBD:      0.02

Diameter DDC:         0.30

Length LDC:        1500

Friction factor fDC:      0.02


Discharge QAD:    0.000

Discharge QBD:    0.000

Discharge QDC:    0.000

Head pD/γ:    0.000

Pressure pD:    0

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